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As much as you’d like to, it is impossible to spend every waking minute with your pets.  There are many things that keep you away – work, appointments, vacation, happy hour, brunch plans – and you have most likely considered asking friends or family for help. Maybe even missed out on the fun to stay home with your furry friend.  But have you ever considered hiring a professional?

If you answer yes to any of the following, you need a professional pet care service on speed dial:

Does your job require you to work long hours?

Every dog deserves a break in the middle of the day.  Midday dog walking can provide your dog with the bathroom break, exercise, mental stimulation and attention he needs to reduce boredom, depression, accidents and destruction while you are at the office.  Plus, it will make it easier for you to decompress when you get home instead of panicking about having the energy to entertain your pup as soon as you walk through the door after a long day.  Most professional pet care companies provide midday dog walks Monday-Friday between 10AM & 4PM.  Be sure to ask about discounted package rates!

Want to go to Happy Hour after a long day at work or have a Date Night?

You do not need to be out of town to use a pet sitter!  Most pet sitting companies offer the option to schedule visits on an as needed basis.  You can schedule visits anytime – mornings, midday, nights, weekends – so you can spend more time enjoying experiences and less time worrying about your pet at home.

Do you have a young puppy that can’t make it when left alone for an extended period of time?

New puppies need to go potty every few hours, especially if you want your potty training to be successful.  But, no one expects you to come home every few hours, that’s what professionals are for!  Most dog walking companies offer Puppy Packages that provide 2 visits a day, 5 days a week for a discounted price.  You can go to work stress free and know your little one is set up for success.

What about a senior pet who requires a little extra attention?

If your pet presents signs of incontinence, has a new diet, or has been diagnosed with an illness that requires some extra attention; professional pet care providers are here to help. Booking a midday walk or pet sitting service can ensure these needs are taken care of while you focus on your day to day routine.

Do you keep your dog crated when no one is home?

If so, your dog should be let out to stretch their legs every 3-4 hours – and a little exercise, love and play time wouldn’t hurt before returning them to their crate.

Does Fluffy or Fido have medication requirements?

Professional pet sitters are trained to administer medications with ease! They should know different techniques to administer oral medications, be aware of topicals and know how to administer insulin.  Some can even give subcutaneous fluids.  Be sure to be forthcoming with potential sitters about your pet’s condition, what medications they require and what symptoms and side effects they should be aware of to ensure a good fit.

Are you planning to adopt or rescue a dog?

Most shelters and rescues require a midday walk plan before they release a dog into a new owner’s care. They believe a midday walk is best for the pet and will help them succeed in their new home.  Newly adopted dogs may not be on a potty schedule yet and they are in a new environment. Being removed from the constant noise and confusion of kennel life may cause mood swings and separation anxiety. Midday walks can help provide them with a much-needed break in the middle of the day to help them acclimate.

Are you traveling and unable to bring your companion with you?

No need to worry or stress, pet sitting visits can be scheduled throughout the day at increments that keep your pet as close to their normal routine as possible.  Overnight Stays are another option as well if you don’t want your pets to be alone in the wee hours.  Plus, pet sitters give your home a lived in look while you’re away by bringing in the newspaper & mail, watering plants and rotating lights and blinds.

Does your pet have separation anxiety or become stressed out while you are away?

If your dog becomes anxious whenever you are away from home, midday dog walks are a great solution to break up the day and add positivity.  Plus, the extra energy spent on a walk or engaged in play can help them remain calm.  If they stress during longer stints it is best to keep them in their own environment and to stick to their normal routine as much as possible with pet sitting visits and/or overnight stays.  Pet care companies can provide your pet with attention tailored to your pet’s specific needs in their own comfortable, stress-free environment.

Is your dog overweight?

Obesity in dogs is a very serious condition and can lead to additional health problems.  If you are concerned, you should work with your vet to alter your dog’s diet to get them back to a normal weight.  Regular daily midday exercise can help keep your dog healthy and reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and arthritis.  Contact a dog walking company to help.

Do you have a planned surgery coming up?

Don’t forget about your pets!  Whether you will be on the mend for a few days or a few weeks, make arrangements to have someone care for your pets so you can concentrate on your recovery.  You should get a professional so they do more than just feed and water your pets.  You need someone who will exercise them, play with them and provide mental stimulation so they don’t feel neglected and don’t get in the way of your recuperation.

Are you having a baby?

Do you need help scooping the litter box?  What is your pet care plan for when you go into labor? Pet Sitting companies can help put your mind at ease and step in when you need it.  They can also help alleviate stress by helping with pet care tasks once the baby is brought home.  You know, so you can sleep, just a little.

There are so many scenarios where a professional pet sitter or dog walker can help you in your every day life.  Every pet is different, but they all require the tailored love and attention a professional pet sitter offers. It is up to you how often or how little you use the service.

What are you waiting for? To get started with Passionately Pets call us today at 571-438-2323 to schedule a consultation.


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