How To Perform A Monthly Nose to Tail Check

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We had a great time at Well Ray in Del Ray in June.  Seeing all the wellness vendors and activities got us thinking about ways we could help keep our four-legged friends healthy.  It can be difficult to know if something is wrong if you don’t know what’s normal.  The easiest way to make sure… Read more »

Dealing With Separation Anxiety In The Post-Pandemic World And The First Steps To Transitioning Your Dog to “Normal”

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It’s here: the return to the new “normal”. Schools are prepping to go back to in-person learning, offices are moving away from working from home, and everyone’s schedules are rearranging again. We may not know what the new “normal” will be, but how do we prepare our pups for the definite change around the corner?… Read more »

A Relaxed Dog Is a Happy Dog

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Dog Relaxed on Belly

NOTE: This article is meant as a supplement to The Post-Pandemic World and The First Steps to Transitioning Your Dog Back to “Normal” As dog owners, we strive to make our beloved pets feel comfortable and safe, especially when at home.  However, there are certain stressful situations for dogs including thunderstorms, strangers coming over, fireworks,… Read more »

How To Create a Safe Space For Your Dog

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Dog in Safe Space on bed

Dogs can become stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by a variety of situations and it is up to us as their advocates to help reduce the stressors in their lives.  One way to do this is to provide a safe space for them to retreat to.  By giving your dog the choice to leave a situation,… Read more »

The Best Way To Keep Your Property Safe

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When you are away, let us take care of everything so you can rest easy. One of the great benefits of having pets (especially dogs) is that they double as security when you’re not home! Even with all of the technology available to us today, there’s no home security system quite like a barking dog… Read more »