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Yes, Passionately Pets has a liability insurance policy through Business Insurers of the Carolinas. Our crime bond is issued through Travelers.
We will be happy to provide references upon request.
To ensure availability, you should book services as soon as you are aware that you need them.
Midday walks usually last 20-30 minutes. We also offer hour long walks for dogs that need extra exercise. Pet sitting visits are usually 30 minutes long.
Since these are conducted in the client's home, pre-service interviews are held at the convenience of the client.
Two sets of keys are requested so the walker/sitter can have a copy and the office can store a copy for emergency purposes (accidental lock out, broken key). All keys are coded for security.
Yes. During the time of the pre-service interview, we check vet records to ensure that pets are up-to-date with their inoculations.
House Sitting ensures someone is in your home from time to time. These visits are for times when you have taken your pets with you, and would like someone to check that your home is safe and secure while you are away. In addition to being seen coming and going, we can run faucets, water plants, grab the mail, newspapers and packages, alter lights and more. If you are leaving pets in the home, please book Pet Sitting or Overnight Stays instead - all of the above are included in those services as well.
Since there are no animals in the home, there is no minimum visit requirement for House Sitting.
We do our best to walk dogs and make pet sitting visits during the rain, sleet and/or snow. However, if there is a severe weather emergency and the safety of the walker/sitter is in jeopardy, visits may not be able to be made. In these rare circumstances, you will be notified immediately. We suggest you have a back-up in your neighborhood that can care for your pet during these rare occurrences.
Usually, clients are home and can walk their own dogs on federal government observed holidays. Should you have to work on a holiday, arrangements can be made for a pet sitting visit to take place. It is the client's responsibility to make arrangements in advance for a visit. Please note there is an extra holiday charge of $10 per visit.
Yes. There are extra charges for pet sitting and overnight visits performed on holidays – $10 and $20 respectively. These extra fees provide incentives so that our staff will be willing to commit to working on holidays.
We accept cash and checks made out to Passionately Pets, as well as Zelle payments made to 240-888-1134/ which is registered to Sherman Industries, LLC. We also accept credit cards through our online system for a Convenience Fee of $2 per transaction.

If cancellations are made, you can expect the following refund credited to your account based on the amount of notice provided and type of service you had booked:

 100% Refund50% Refund0% Refund
Midday Walk Cancellation 48+ hours notice N/A Less than 48 hours notice
Regular Pet Sitting Cancellation 48+ hours notice 24-48 hours notice Less than 24 hours notice
Regular Overnight Cancellation 1 week+ notice 1 week-24 hours notice Less than 24 hours notice
Holiday Pet Sitting Cancellation (1 week before and after each of the following: Christmas, New Years, Easter & Thanksgiving) N/A 7+ days notice Less than 7 days notice
Holiday Overnight Cancellation (1 week before and after each of the following: Christmas, New Years, Easter & Thanksgiving) N/A 7+ days notice Less than 7 days notice

*Cancellation notice for Midday Walks is based on the start of the timeframe of the walk you wish to cancel.

**Cancellation notice for pet sitting and overnight services is based on the start of the timeframe of the first visit booked in that series and applies to your total invoice for the series.

***Refunds are not provided for early returns once visits for that series has begun.

How much notice is required to terminate ongoing midday service?

A full 1 months notice is required to terminate ongoing Midday Service. If a full 30 days notice is not provided, payment is due for the service originally agreed upon regardless if whether walks actually occur during this time or not.

Clients who hold an outstanding balance are subject to a late fee of $25.
We will attempt to contact the client or the client's emergency contact with the information provided during the pre-service interview. If you are unreachable while traveling and we can not get a hold of your emergency contact, it is our responsibility to seek care for your pet or secure your home. It is expected that the client will reimburse Passionately Pets for expenses incurred. If a vet visit is deemed necessary, we will take your pet to your regular vet. If your regular vet's office is closed, we will take your pet to Alexandria Animal Hospital for after-hours emergency care. Clients are expected to have their credit card information on file with their vets.
Please e-mail and expect a response within 12 hours. We check messages constantly throughout the day and respond to inquiries and requests promptly. This also leaves your request and bookings in writing for future reference. You may also call us at 571-438-2323. Remember - if we have not confirmed receipt of your request within 24 hours, we most likely did not receive it. If this happens, please resend your request.

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