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Fall is here – bringing cozy sweaters and beautiful colors with it! And this month, includes the fan favorite holiday of Halloween, a fun and spooky time where it’s believed that the dead roam the earth. Halloween is associated with all sort of superstitions, but none so famous than about black cats. We are going to talk about what makes these creatures so mysterious and debunk some myths surrounding these beauties.

MYTH 1: Black Cats Are Evil Omens

It is believed that long ago witches would turn themselves into black cats or command them to do their bidding. In fact, black cats were often killed alongside the humans who were believed to be witches during the Salem Witch Trials.  Sadly, because of this, black cats are still associated with misfortune, evil and even death. And any animal with dark fur or feathers is still associated with evil omens. Rest assured; you will not be subject to any bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. 

MYTH 2: Black Cats Are Likely To Be Harmed in October

Some think black cats are at high risk for being harmed during October or on Halloween night. This rumor has so much merit that some shelters block the adoption of black cats during this month.  Unfortunately, blocking adoptions causes these cats to remain in shelters longer and makes them at higher risk of stress, illness and even euthanasia and there is no factual basis for it.  Data shows that black cats are no more at risk in October or on Halloween than cats of any other color on any other month/night. But as always, it’s best to keep your safe kitty inside and away from doors constantly being opened for Trick or Treaters.

MYTH 3: People Don’t Want Black Cats

The overall population of black cats and dogs being placed in shelters outweighs other colored pets.  The sheer number of these animals creates the illusion that they are less likely to be adopted.  The real issue is photographing black cats and dogs can be a difficult task, especially in the poor lighting of shelters, leading to less pictures of them on shelter websites and ads. So make sure to take a shelter tour to get the opportunity to meet all the pets looking for their forever homes, a black one is likely to tug at your heartstrings. 

MYTH 4: All Black Is The Same

Despite looking completely black, black cats actually have different variants in their fur. Solid black, cinnamon, and brown are the most common. When in the sunlight, you may be able to view the different shades within their fur, even tabby markings! Their black fur can actually “rust” if they spend too much time in the sun.  The rays cause the eumelanin pigment in their fur to have a rusty tone. This can also be caused by a deficiency of tyrosine, which is an essential amino acid in a cat’s diet. So contact your vet if you notice your black kitty rusting!

Black cats are a wonder to behold, but they are nothing to be afraid of.  They are beautiful, unique and mysterious, each with their own personality. If you are interested in expanding your family, please contact your local shelter to see the magic for yourself.

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